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LARSON (green)

This Larson came to the shop in suprisingly bad condition. All the gel coat was extremely faded and the graphics were sun baked. After we removed all the vinyl it really showed how bad the green had faded. There were also several small areas of gouges through the green and some areas of heavy scratches. We changed the graphics a bit to give it a bit of an updated look and at the same time show off those beautiful hullsides.

I remember when the customer came to pick it up and walking right by it and saying, "That's not it is it?" And he was serious. I think the next thing he said was wow, but I can't remember for sure. We have been doing a lot of this and the customers are always amazed at how good the boat looks. It's hard to describe but the boats don't look buffed. They just look like they went through a time warp or have always been stored inside. Want to know what your boat would look like new? We can show you.






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