50 years of combined experience in the marine industry can make all the difference on bigger projects. Storm damage is an area where our excellent cosmetic skills can be extremely cost effective. Our skill at color matching and gel coat blending enables us to keep our repairs small. This saves time and money. The pictures don’t accurately portray our ability to blend in numerous repairs that are virtually invisible. This can save thousands of dollars when compared to the cost of re-spraying large areas or even entire decks. Feel free to email us with questions and even pictures. We’ve seen a lot of damaged boats over the years, but we haven’t seen one we couldn’t fix. Quite often our customers have very little to say when they pick up their boat. Sometimes they just walk around the boat with a huge smile and keep saying “wow” and “I can’t believe it”. We really do enjoy making our customers happy, and we work very hard to make sure we exceed their expectations.