Cosmetic / Structural

Cosmetic work is definitely the most rewarding. Such a big difference can be made in such a short amount of time because over the years we have become extremely efficient at cosmetic repair. It's always a pleasure when the customer comes to pick up the boat and needs to be shown where the large hole used to be. The pictures do not accurately display the fact that you will not be able to find the area that was repaired.

There are a lot of different approaches to gelcoat repair. Some of them can become quite a sight. As time passes, you don't want to be left with a 6″ wide stripe down the side of your boat that looks much worse than the small gouges that were repaired in the first place. Our patch work is always done using the same materials that your boat was made with at the factory, and we don't use any tricks to hide our patches that will show up later on. Excellent color matching and blending techniques enables us to keep our footprint very small. What we often tell our customers is to just forget that it ever happened. Treat the repaired area just like the rest of the boat and you will be fine. In our minds this is what you should receive for your money. A good repair should be done once and not continue to haunt you as time passes.

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Rotting Hull Rebuild

I have yet to come across a fiberglass boat with wood in it that is actually waterproof. We have replaced a lot of transoms and stringers and even entire bottoms constructed with balsa core. We recently went with some friends to look at the new boat they were about to purchase, and quickly pointed out several areas of wood in the bilge that had come straight from the factory simply brushed over with gel coat. In the bilge a piece of plywood coated with gel coat will simply draw in moisture like a sponge but wont be able to dry out and will soon begin to rot. When you store your boat always try to keep the boat bow high and the bilge dry. A little bit of water that gets left in your boat all year round can be drawn into places that will not simply dry out and the rest of that story can get very mushy.

With over 50 years combined experience in the industry we know why boats rot. We also know how to eliminate these problems when we make the repairs. A properly installed transom, stringers and even balsa core will last as long as the boat. Done right, wood and balsa can be used with confidence, and we guarantee all our transoms and stringers for as long as you own the boat. It does take a little more time to do this type of repair correctly, but who would want to pay for these costly repairs more than once?

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Fabrication / Modification

Our modification skill stems directly from the knowledge of how a boat is constructed at the factory and years of experience working directly with leading manufacturers in the industry. In the last 10 years we have helped a lot of people go faster, one blueprint job saw a 7 mph gain. We have also solved handling issues such as as porposing. If you have ideas about ways you would like to modify your boat, we can help you turn them into reality.

We've yet to build a boat with our name on it, but we've built lots of pieces for a lot of different things. If you have lost a piece and find that it's no longer available, we can usually just make you a new part that will look like it came straight from the factory. We can also fabricate hardtops, hatches, seat boxes etc. that are custom fit to your boat, as well as directly modify your boat.

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Warranty Work

As far back as the seventies, we have been working directly with some of the nations leading manufacturers in this industry. Some have sent brand new boats to the shop to have repairs done. Structural or cosmetic we are quite capable of making the repairs, and when the job is done the boat will be ready for the showroom floor as good as new.

Sometimes a design flaw doesn't show up during testing, And it might only show up in a small percentage of a given model. It isn't something that you should have to live with, and most manufacturers will want to work with you to resolve the issue.